Car Battery Service

Car Battery Service in Corpus Christi, TX

Getting your car battery jumped when you don’t expect to can be hugely inconvenient. Unfortunately, this is the reality when your car won’t start. If it is truly dead, you might have to get it towed to the nearest garage. Let’s be honest — there is not a time when you want this to happen. It can throw your schedule off, and it can sometimes occur after the shops have closed for the weekend. Trying to avoid an unexpected death of the battery is your best option.

You are in luck because the on-site service center at Mike Shaw Kia provides one of the better options for battery service in Corpus Christi, TX. Not only do we have expert professionals that keep our own inventory in shape, but we provide low prices with our service specials. Our rotating auto service coupons provide drivers with an opportunity to keep their investment secure without throwing more money into it. Take advantage of our automotive service center’s deals and schedule yourself for battery service at Mike Shaw Kia today.

When Do You Need a Battery Service?

Your car battery requires regular maintenance, and it will eventually need replacement. Routine battery repair and replacement are both aspects of decent car care. Keeping a well-functioning battery under your hood will ensure that the rest of your car is performing at its maximum. Peak efficiency means not overspending on gas and other repairs.

Use your vehicle user manual to determine when to replace your battery. This book was written by the company that made your car. It serves as a guide for maintenance, with insight into when and how to take care of your vehicle. It should tell you what kind of battery your car needs, where it is located, and when to replace it. It may also give you advice on how to drive without a negative impact on your battery.

You can also look at the battery itself. The unit usually has a label stating when it is expected to expire and when its warranty is out of date. You can also look at it for physical signs of wear, like corroded cables. We can fix leads and wires to keep your battery in proper order.

The following signs indicate that you should schedule service at Mike Shaw Kia in Corpus Christi, TX:

  • The car is slow to start.
  • The battery needs frequent jump-starts.
  • The engine needs to be on to use the radio or interior lights.
  • The headlights are dim.

Schedule a Battery Service at Mike Shaw Kia

To avoid being stranded in need of battery service, get it taken care of proactively. Our service center at Mike Shaw Kia can look at your battery and run it through a computer to check if it is working optimally. Schedule a service check in time for battery service at our on-site automotive maintenance center in Corpus Christi, TX.

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