Take A Glowing Kayak Tour on the Texas Coast

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The milk way shortly after sunset over padre island
If you want to see the waters of the Gulf in a whole new way, light up the night for an illuminated kayak tour with GlowRow!

Adventures after Dark

Even if you’ve set out on a kayak trip before, you can see the coast in a whole new light when you tour with GlowRow. Each boat is made of a transparent material so that you can look straight down into the water below.  The excursions are also scheduled for after sundown to facilitate the most intriguing part of the tour–the boat lights. GlowRow has equipped all their kayaks with lighting underneath, and you can choose from seven colors to cast into the water for a vibrant view of the aquatic life that makes the Gulf Coast its home.

Experiences and Excursions

GlowRow takes guests on tours in several locations between Corpus Christi to Port O’Connor, and each destination offers its own unique experience. In Port O’Connor, you could explore the bay or the jetties to see the sea life like stingrays, flounder, or even dolphins. If you head to the Harbor Marina Del Sol in Corpus Christi, you can paddle over shipwrecks to see the remnants of old vessels while your guide shares the history of the scene.

Know Before You Go

When you book a tour with GlowRow, you’ll need a group of at least three people. Everyone will have to be at least 18 years old as well. For each location that the tours operate, you can find your meet-up spot, tour guide, and gear by looking for the GlowRow trailer wherever the tour is supposed to start. Aim to be there at least 20 minutes before the scheduled starting time. You don’t have to be an experienced kayaker to enjoy the tour, as you’ll receive a quick paddle explanation before embarking. Be sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind splashing with water, and it’s a good idea to keep a towel or even a change of clothes in your car.

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