Is Your Car Leaking Oil? Here Is What To Do

September 27th, 2021 by

Check the oil in Car Engine

If your car is leaking oil, no matter the amount, it needs to be taken seriously. If not taken seriously, it can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair. The good news is, there is no need to panic at all. There are many ways to identify, fix, and prevent oil from leaking.

What Can Cause an Oil Leak?

Before you can fix, identify, or prevent oil leaks, you have to know what causes them. This can be tricky because there are multiple factors that can cause this to happen with your vehicle. A few common problems are failed engine gaskets, worn O-rings, and seals that have shrunk or hardened due to heat and pressure that is put on them. Some other things that play into oil leaks are the oil pan drain plug, oil filter, or rocker cover gaskets. If you don’t know what those parts are, your local mechanic should be able to explain them in great detail due to how common they are.

Other Causes Of Oil Leaks

  • Oil pressure sending unit: These are screwed directly into the engine’s oil system. Though that might sound scary, it can be the reason your vehicle is leaking oil if there is a loose screw, or if it is reading the pressure wrong and sending false signals.
  • Oil pan: The oil pan will begin to leak if there is too much debris enters it. Another common reason this might be the root of your leak is if you hit a curb and maybe punctured it.
  • A clogged, stuck, or bad PCV valve: Be hoping this is not the reason for your leak because this can cause all sorts of problems and headaches in the future. These particular problems mess with the increase in pressure, which can make multiple O-Rings, Gaskets, and seals malfunction.

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Poor Installations

  • Improper part installation: It is possible to over-tighten or “crush” a gasket. In addition, it is also possible to not tighten bolts enough. Therefore, when repairing or working on this particular part, be sure you know the exact way to tighten it and how much. Either too much or too little can cause serious leaking and damage.
  • Oil filter “double gasket”: This is a very common thing people see and it happens when your oil filter is replaced. Always be sure you are changing your oil properly or taking it to a certified mechanic shop, or dealership to get your oil changed. This problem will result in a huge loss of oil.
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