Bring Style To The Road With The 2023 Stinger

February 20th, 2023 by

2023 Kia Stinger

Put all eyes on you this year by driving in style with the 2023 Kia Stinger. No matter if you want to stun the parkway or have your passengers speechless, there is no other vehicle this year that can accomplish both reactions. Kia’s design places emphasis on style for both the interior and exterior, while providing top-of-the-line technology and comfort. Bring your driving onto the catwalk with the 2023 Kia Stinger.

Exterior Style

Feel like you are front-cover ready with the exterior style of the 2023 Stinger. Enjoy an aerodynamic design that increases performance and looks. Stun with alloy wheels and LED headlights. Dark chrome accents give a mysterious feel and the rear design details add to the striking design. The 2023 Stinger’s exterior is the perfect mix of performance and beauty. The 2023 Stinger’s exterior is the perfect mix of performance and beauty for the driver who wants to make a statement and wants an efficient vehicle.

Interior Design

Comfort, function, and beauty were the main priorities when designing the 2023 Stinger’s interior. Enjoy a touchscreen console for navigation and audio performance. While driving, make the most of the driver-centric seating. The 2023 Stinger’s front seats are designed with ergonomics in mind and with seat heating to make the most of your drives. Plus, the metallic accents, leather interior, and Nappa leather seat trim bring in style with comfort and function, crafting the perfect interior.

Technology Marvels

Not only does the 2023 Stinger look amazing, but the technology included is also part of the style. Modernize how you drive with the seven-inch LCD display for your dashboard. The head-up display will display important information right on your windshield while you drive for maximum safety! Enhance how you listen with the Harmen Kardon Premium Audio System. This system will provide the entire cabin with a balanced and full sound.

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GT2 Grand Tourer Special Edition

Bring style up a notch with the CT2 Grand Tourer Special Edition with its twin-turbo V6 engine, 368 horsepower, and intuitive convenience features. Plus, exclusive 19-inch black alloy wheels, black exhaust tips, black side view mirrors, an exclusive suede interior with red stitching and piping, and your choice of Panthera Metal, Ceramic Silver, or HiChroma Red premium exterior colors. AWD is available too!

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