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Mexican Shrimp Ceviche Tostada (Tostada de Ceviche de Camaron) in a restaurant table

This summer when things are heating up, you will want to find a restaurant that offers fresh cuisine. You will not be disappointed when you visit Costa Sur in Corpus Christi. This seafood restaurant offers succulent seafood options and more with mouthwatering Peruvian flavors and a blend of other cooking styles and recipes, presenting diners with a delightful fusion cuisine. If you are hungry, visit Costa Sur for a bite.

Tacos of the Day

Do you like tacos? Honestly, who doesn’t? The tacos at Costa Sur are filling and flavorful. Enjoy taco selections like the fried avocado tacos or the sumptuous fish tacos. For lovers of smoked meat, you will not want to pass on the pork belly tacos that come with spicy mayo, Colby Jack cheese, and sweet, complementary mangos. While the tacos come in a corn tortilla, you can opt to have your taco in a lettuce wrap.


Costa Sur serves a range of sandwiches from the simple, classic Grilled Cheese to the complex Pollo Saltaldo, which offers diners chicken breast strips that have been flamed in wok. The sandwich comes on a baguette with salsa criolla and spicy mayo, along with mozzarella, onions, and tomatoes. Costa Sur offers patrons the traditional caprese sandwich, but you may also want to try Costa Sur’s signature Butiprese sandwich that has the standard Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and balsamic with the inclusion of turkey, salsa criolla, and spicy mayo that is served on a baguette.

Ceviche Specials

While the appetizers, tacos, and sandwiches are all excellent, you will not want to pass up on the ceviche specials at Costa Sur. These ceviche entrees are made with fish of the day and offer fresh, succulent, and mouthwatering flavor. The Ceviche Peruano is a traditional Peruvian ceviche prepared with the fish of the day alongside salsa criolla, Conchita, and cilantro. For a medley of flavor, you may want to opt for the Ceviche Fusion that contains mangos, avocados, and coconut milk. If you are wanting an opulent ceviche entrée, then order the Ceviche Mixto that offers the fish of the day as well as octopus, shrimp, and scallops.

Appetizers, Desserts, and More

While you are certain to be satisfied with the ceviche entrées or the sandwich and taco plates, Costa Sur offers plenty of dishes to try. There is hardy soups and fresh salads as well as an assortment of appetizing starters like the Pork Belly Steam Buns and Serrano Sashimi. If you are not in the mood for ceviche, tacos, or a sandwich, the restaurant provides a variety of other main dishes like an array of hamburgers, Coconut Shrimp Curry, Fish N Chips, Coconut Basil Fried Rice, Hoale Poke, and much more. There seriously something for everyone at Costa Sur.

Of course, if you want to end your dining experience with something sweet, then Costa Sur definitely delivers with a great dessert menu. If your mouth waters over a tres-leches cake, you will absolutely salivate over Costa Sur’s 4 Leches. The restaurant also offers a dulce de leche cookie sandwich that is called an alfajores. Chocolate lovers will appreciate Costa Sur’s chocolate cake that comes with dulce de leche and a chocolate ganache. If you need a dessert that is a little tart, then you may want to order the Key Lime Pie Mama’s Recipe.

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Visit Costa Sur

Conveniently located on South Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi, Costa Sur is open Tuesdays through Saturdays. Hours of operation are 11 am to 10 pm. When you are craving delicious Peruvian cuisine with a twist, then do yourself a favor by stopping in to Costa Sur for lunch or dinner.

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