How To Wash And Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

November 22nd, 2021 by

Bucket with sponges and brush with lots of foam next to car tire.

As the temperature begins to drop, snow begins to fall and cover the roads, and the wind begins to pick up speed, you may not believe it but your car is taking a beating all winter long. It is known that winter is not the ideal season to go out and wash your vehicle. It is an easy way to get sick, and it is also extremely cold and miserable when involving water. Although, if you do decide to wash and clean your car this winter, it can help with the resale value and so much more when it comes to your cars overall health.

Things Affecting Your Car

You may look past the road salt you drive on, liquid calcium chloride treatments, and sand and snow, can cause rust to any vehicle. Therefore, it is just as important to wash your car in the winter as it is in the other seasons, if not more so. Before you think, rust is harmless! It just does not look good! That is actually false. Yes, it does not look good on a vehicle but it can cause major long term damage to your vehicle, and it is your job to avoid that at all costs.

When to Wash Your Car

As we know, washing your car in the winter is brutal, so you would like to keep it to a minimum. Several car experts recommend washing your car after every big storm. The reason being is not only due to the snow, but it is due to things flying around, snow covering your car, and the fact that your car may have been exposed to road salt and other chemicals that are used in the winter months in different cities.

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Tips On How to Wash Your Car

  1. Use your hands or a designated brush to remove any extra snow/ice from your car
  2. Use warm water! Not only will this help in keeping you warm and making your experience less miserable, but it will melt away any road salt or chemicals that your car has come into contact with.
  3. Avoid washing your car when the temperature is below freezing.
  4. Warm up your car before washing. You can do this by running it for a while or simply driving around the block once or twice. This is helpful if temperatures are below freezing. This will help from the water freezing on your car because the hood will be warm.
  5. Show the wheels extra love! They hurt the most during the winter.
  6. Wear waterproof clothing! This will prevent you from getting soaked, and even more importantly, getting sick.
  7. Switch out carper floor matts for rubber or weather tech ones.
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