Make This DIY Wreath This Spring

March 13th, 2023 by

Woman making beautiful wreath of wildflowers at white table, closeup

The grass is green, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming, that can only mean one thing, Spring is here people! It’s time to get out all your spring decorations out, that means interior and exterior decorations. If you’re decorating your house and you notice that something missing, then don’t worry because you can make a Spring Wreath with this easy steps. Not only will you put yourself in a Springy mood, but anyone who sees your door wreath will also be in a good mood.

Materials Needs For Spring Wreath

  • Garden Shears
  • Glue Gun
  • Floral Wire
  • Two Different Plant Sprigs
  • Three-Five Different Faux Florals
  • 18″ Grapevine wreath

How To Make A Spring Wreath

It’s time to make your wreath, so start by trimming your flower steams down to 4-6″.

Now; take the plant sprigs of your choice and tuck them into the branches, and secure with floral wire or use the glue gun. Note: You can do the entire wreath or just a portion. The springs are used to frame your flowers.

Next, take your largest flowers and place them in the middle, then alternate colors with the other flowers on each side to provide interest and depth.

Then, with your remaining smaller flowers, cut the stems off and hot glue them directly to the wreath to fill in the holes.

Finally, it’s time to hang your wreath, so make sure you pick the perfect place inside or outside to display your wreath.

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Make Your Wreath Today

You can hang your wreath on your front door or anywhere in your house to welcome the spring weather. You can also personalize the wreath however you like with your favorite spring flowers. Collect your tools and supplies and create your spring wreath today. You may even find that it’s cheaper to make you’re own wreath, than it is purchase one.

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