Family Fun At The Art Museum of South Texas

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If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience, then check out the Art Museum of South Texas. Take part in classes, films, lectures, performance, and more when you take the time to appreciate all that the museum has available.

What Does The Museum Offer?

There’s something for everyone regardless of if you decide to spend an hour or more walking around the museum or enjoying the various programs.

Kids And Family Programs. These programs are available to children and adults to enjoy. There’s after school programs for kids and weekend workshops for adults.

Permeant Art Collection. There is so much art available for you and your family to see when you visit the museum. You can find a new artist that you enjoy or find a new love for art.

History Of The Museum

The museum was opened to the pubic in 1972 and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Philip Johnson designed the original complex, but it wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Johnson was put in charge of coming up with $1 million for building and funding the project. Patsy and Edwin Singer decided they wanted to help with the modern art movement, so they traveled to New York City and returned within six months with pledges.

Ricardo Legorreta of Mexico was contracted to help expand the campus in 1997. The new expansion opened in 2006 and was considered a beacon for culture and creativity. The need to create an exciting selection of education programs and exhibitions continues to this day.

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Visit The Museum Today

The museum is actively updating their collection and research, so that you won’t have the same experience on your second visit. Show your appreciation for the arts when you visit the Art Museum of South Texas. Load your family into the new vehicle you bought form Mike Shaw Kia and take them to the museum.

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